Opdater din Matrix® Pro GS-konsol med den NYE Matrix® Pro GS-software

TeeJet Technologies Introduces Matrix® Pro GS with Droplet Size Monitor

SPRINGFIELD, IL, USA (October 01, 2013) - The Matrix Pro GS Guidance System offers growers TeeJet Technologies' exclusive RealView® Guidance over Video along with several new productivity-enhancing features:

  • Droplet Size Monitor
  • Three Implement Types
  • Machine Settings
  • New GPS Configuration Options
  • Enhanced ABSC Performance
  • Enhanced Application Control
  • Enhanced Screen Features
  • Increased Information Availability on Guidance Screen
  • Video Configuration Options with Direct-connect Camera

Before You Upgrade!

Before updating your Matrix Pro GS to Software v3.0x make sure your console is a GS console and at software v2.50.

WARNING! Not all settings are retained with this upgrade. Use the worksheet provided on the software update page to make note of your current v2.50 settings.

WARNING! Jobs, including guidelines, boundaries, application areas and return points are not retained with this upgrade. Export existing jobs to a USB drive before upgrading. To reuse jobs and job data in the new v3.0 software, import the data into Fieldware Link then export as a new GS file.

This upgrade will not work with Matrix Pro consoles (software 2.04 or below).


Click here to update your Matrix Pro GS console to the NEW Matrix Pro GS v3.0


                   Learn more about Matrix Pro GS! 



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